7 Reasons For You To Use Cosmetics At Night

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Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to use cosmetics at night? Yes, we will bring some reasons that prove the importance of this subject.

Many women think that using cosmetics should start only after age 40 or older, but that’s not really the case. The sooner you start using, the better the results will be for the beauty and health of your skin.

Some beauty treatments tend to be even more intense as performed in the evening.

It is for this reason that much is said about “beauty sleep”. It is while you sleep that your skin can be treated very well!

Do you want to check what are the reasons that prove that using cosmetics at night is something extremely advantageous? So keep following this article. Good reading!

Wear cosmetics at night, a habit you also need to have
There is nothing better than using cosmetics that were developed especially for your skin type, is not it?

Understand this further by checking the following:

– Depending on your hair type, it is necessary that some types of night hydration products are properly applied at least twice a week;

– The products that are applied to the wires at night, can have more time to act, because there will be good hours of sleep. In addition, the cosmetics can act in three phases of the threads: in the growth, maturing and also in the fall.

It is during sleep that the growth hormone is secreted. This is responsible for rejuvenation and cell regeneration. In addition to improving the metabolism of skin cells, still contribute to the dilatation of blood vessels. These factors make the skin able to absorb even more nutrients;




– During the night, cosmetics do not suffer from the intervention of wind, sun rays or pollution;

– During nighttime rest, perspiration and friction are much lower, which makes removal of cosmetics not so easy.

– Most cosmetics developed for the face, have acids in its formulation. In contact with light, whether solar or artificial, acids can end up irritating the skin and even causing burns. That’s why taking care of face skin at night is a great alternative.

– It is the night that the cells enter the recovery process and therefore there is a much greater blood flow. The skin can accept even more the products;

– The night time period is perfect for combating body stains.

The body in general
– It’s the night that we can get a good period to fully hydrate the body, especially in areas that are more dry, such as knees and elbows;

– For the feet, you can apply a good moisturizer and put socks to intensify your action;

– Use creams with soothing action, as these relieve skin irritations and help in relaxation.

Make the use of cosmetics a habit

Taking care of your skin is the same as helping you to achieve a youthful and healthy appearance throughout your life.

No matter what your age, start contributing the best way possible for even more beautiful skin.

Already knowing that using cosmetics at night is a very important thing, start by forcing yourself to do this always, because in a short time the application will already become a habit and you will be able to do practically automatically.

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This post is also available in: pt-brPortuguês (Portuguese (Brazil)) esEspañol (Spanish)

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