17 Makeup Tricks for the Eyes

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If you want to know some eye makeup tricks, you will be able to further enhance your feminine beauty through what will be checked in that article.

The makeup has some special secrets and with the specific products and the most appropriate technique, you will be able to value even more an incredible part of your face: the eyes!

The feminine eyes are extremely striking and capable of catching the attention of any man. If you really want to ruin a well-made makeup, then the perfect place to learn more about it is right here.

Meet the eye makeup tricks that will make your face even more beautiful
To get together the main makeup information, we got some tips from professionals who are revolutionizing the makeup scene, such as Sadi Consati, Duda Molinos and Franciele Tarabolle.

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You do not have to combine clothes with shade, combined? It is only necessary that there is harmony, nothing more. If your look is floral, for example, use a neutral shade to balance the look completely.


Use shadows in more neutral tones in the work environment. Leave the colors stronger so you can go to ballads and parties.


A great tip to make your shade last a little longer is to use a creamy shade bed (which can be cane) and apply on top of the compact.


Those who have prominent eyes should avoid wherever possible the most colorful and shimmering shadows. The more neutral colors are the more indicated in this case.


Moisten the brush in the water before applying the product. This will help to make the shade more secure and make your color much more intense.


So that there is no exaggeration in the application of the shadow, speak slowly and go smoky until you get to the expected tone.


A more beautiful way to use shadows and choose two shades, one light and one dark, then apply the light in the inner corner and the darker in the outer corner. This will allow you to create a contrast between colors.


Try replacing the shadow with gloss and see the end result. We can guarantee that your make will look even more modern.


Warm the rubber eyelash with the aid of the dryer. This way you will be able to get much more shaped eyelashes.


To avoid blurring the outline, make the first stroke using a pencil and then pass the eyeliner.


Did he scratch his eye accidentally and erase the creamy shadow? Use the accumulation that is still on the eyelid folds to be able to touch up the makeup.


Blond women should avoid as much as possible using sky blue shades as this tone ends up completely unfavorable. Usually the appearance looks much older.


The redheads look good with shades of navy blue, brown and green. They should avoid pink.


To bring the eyes close, apply a darker shade in the inner corners and close to the root of the eyelashes.


If you want to distance your eyes a little, use the shade lighter; use some brightness in the inner corner and go darkening as you approach the outer corner.


Anyone with droopy eyes needs to use a dark shadow in the inner corner toward the outer, rising to the end of the eyebrow.


If you have very prominent dark circles, avoid using the blue shadows.
So these are the 17 eye makeup tricks for you to learn. Train the techniques at home before you leave and get a great result.

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This post is also available in: pt-brPortuguês (Portuguese (Brazil)) esEspañol (Spanish)

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