10 Makeup Tips for the Eyes and Lips

What is the woman who does not like to know makeup tips in a general? Even because, we are talking about one of the greatest allies for female beauty!

It turns out that a well-made makeup on the eyes and lips can be able to highlight what is more special in some women and in addition, is also able to disguise some imperfections.

What many women do not know is that makeup has some secrets! Will you say you’ve never seen a super famous actress in a before and after a good makeup? Yeah!

We’ve organized a few makeup tips so you could use some of the greatest tricks of some actresses and models.

Want to know what the tips are?

So keep following this article. Good reading!

Find out what makeup tips you need to know

Do you know those incredible results that seemingly can only be achieved in salons and beauty spaces? By following some of our tips you will be able to do everything completely by yourself!

Check out:

For the eyes

To increase small eyes: Pass pencils on the outer side of the upper and lower lashes; light shadows on the eyelids. This way you will get an impression that your eyes are much bigger.


To reduce eyes that are too big: on the inside of the upper and lower lashes apply pencils and shadows in dark shades.


For those who want to increase the size of the eyes in a general: pass pencils of beige color inside the water line; make the outline of the eyes using a dark pencil; blurs the edges using a shade lighter than the pencil.


Find out where the concave is: For those who do not know, concave is the contour of the eyelid, or simply or there is the bone in the upper part of the eyes. It is important to be able to identify perfectly where it is, as some makeup tricks will determine this.


To increase eye size: Mark your concave slightly, slightly above it. Use a light brown shade so you can create bigger effects.
For lips

To get more volume for the lips: draw a picture on the lip contour using a lipstick. Use a lipstick of the same tone as the pencil so that the stroke is not visible. Finish with the gloss.


To decrease the volume: use concealer on the lips so that it is possible to erase the natural contour. Fill lips with a lipstick.


To ensure the longest life of the lipstick: Pass the lipstick and kiss a tissue so that it is possible to remove the excess. Put facial powder on your lips and wipe another layer of lipstick.


Another tip to make the lipstick last longer: base pass over lips; then the powder; make the outline of the lips using a pencil; then apply the lipstick using a brush.


Keep the lipstick the whole party: moisturize your lips; pass a very light layer of powder on the lips; make the outline using a pencil; Finally, he puts the same lipstick on the pencil.
The 10 Makeup Tips to Make Yourself at Home

As you can see, all the tips can be easily performed by you in your own home.

Now you know which are the best techniques for eyes and lips. Surely your makeup can be even more complete, right?

Use all the makeup tips you find most interesting. Do not forget to train a little at home before leaving for a party or events in general.

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